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As winter slowly approaches, people’s thoughts often turn to what creatures might be seeking your home for refuge as the weather gets colder. Because of this, it’s important that you prepare your house and discourage pests before they can become a problem. Below you will find part one of our “Winter Tips” for preparing your house for winter pests.

Prepping Against Winter Pests – Part 2

(see previous post for Part 1 tips!)

 4. Preventative Measures

Hiring a professional pest control agency to inspect your home can be a great way to guard against pests. These trained professionals will be able to alert you to potential entry points or places that might be attractive habitats for termites. A Pest control expert can also spray your home with a guarding pesticide. This can be especially helpful in guarding against termites. Preventative termite treatment can often seem like a costly investment, but it’s a lot cheaper than having to repair your home after termite damage has been done.

5. Properly Store Food

During the winter months, pests aren’t looking for just a warm place to stay – they’re also looking for food sources. Things like pet foods, rice, flour, and sugar are just the perfect foods for attracting pests. So if you don’t want to invite them in, make sure all of these items are protected. Airtight plastic bins are perfect for keeping food fresh while keeping pests out. You should also invest in a covered trashcan and never leave food out overnight. As long as these attractors are no where to be found, pests will have to look elsewhere.

6. Firewood

Termites love firewood, and they’ll love if you carry them right into your home with the firewood. Make sure your winter source of heat is stored far away from your house. Also, make sure to not store firewood inside your house. It might seem cozy to have a stack of firewood right next to your fireplace, but it’s definitely not cozy when you realize you’ve invited in a termite infestation.


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