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As the seasons start to change, chances are you’ll be making sure your firewood pile is well stocked. Just make sure you aren’t also stocking a termite infestation with the wood it will need to last through the winter months.

Firewood: the Perfect Home

A stack of firewood not only makes your house appear inviting, but it also invite termites right in.  Drywood termites, often found in the dry climate of Arizona, love to burrow into dead wood. They leave behind little pellets called “frass” as they burrow through, creating a nice place for a colony to exist. If you are dealing with a Drywood termite infestation you’ll most likely notice these small indicators around windowsills.

How to Protect Yourself

While you should stock up your firewood for winter, make sure your wood pile far from your home to ensure that any termites that decide to make a home in that wood do not also make a home in your house. These are not the holiday house-guests you want!  Make sure you store the wood in a metal shed someplace far away from your property.

If Santa Claus Brings You a Termite Infestation

Have no fear – if Santa brings you a termite infestation for Christmas, don’t worry! A skilled and professional termite control specialist will be able to assess your home and the damage that has been done. He or she will be able to provide you with ways to rid your house of the infestation as well as protect it as we head into the new year!


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